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Meet Lynee' Lopez

Educational Architect | Founder & CEO | Podcast Host | Best Selling Author

Transforming Leadership in the Early Childhood Space

Verve is Building Sustainable Systems That Leave an Educational Legacy

At Verve, our mission is to build responsible leaders and high quality educational opportunities around the world.

We do this by embodying the African proverb – “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our unique process blends teamwork and connection with leaders using a multi-dimensional approach that:

Builds responsive, responsible, and innovative educators

Provides parents supportive tools and community resources to raise resilient, kind, and accepting children.

Collaborates with other agencies to be sure that the fullest impact on positive student outcomes are attained.

By supporting educational equity, building sustainable systems, fully funded high quality early childhood programs, and innovative leadership we’re creating a legacy of inclusion, community impact and innovation.

Meet the Founder

Lyneé founded Verve Educational Consulting with a mission to support school districts, in the public and private sector, with building high quality early childhood programs. Her passion to support communities with high rates of financial disparity coupled with limited access to quality early childhood programs has led her to support educators in Haiti, New Zealand, Africa and one of the largest school districts in the country, New York City.

Verve’s vision is build innovative, impactful and accessible services that globally support youth and their families in building quality educational experiences grounded in connection and community.

Partnering with school districts to create strategic plans that empower leaders and educators is our passion. Our Programs are curated to meet the unique needs of each school community. 

Partnership Program

We create development plans for educational professionals that help you implement high quality early childhood programs, including grant writing, start ups, leader trainings, building sustainable systems and more.

Masters Community

This community is a place where educators and leaders can come together to learn the foundations of quality early childhood programming, share best practices, and build a global community of advocacy.


Inspiration Projects

When you lead with an open heart, inspiration and joy become your wings. Whether we reach you virtually or see you in person, these projects are close to our hearts and full of connection and impact. 


We value a  team approach, and often collaborate with other agencies to be sure that the fullest impact on positive student outcomes are attained.

Preschool Intervention Teams

Special Education Providers

Community Outreach Groups

Social Workers

Behavior Specialists

Kind Words

“I loved working with Lynee and would recommend her to anyone”

I had the opportunity to work with Lynee in 2017 when she coached me through an intensive leadership development course. Her coaching provided the structure I needed to hold myself accountable to my goals. She helped keep me focused on my goals, while also offering practical strategies for overcoming obstacles..

— Ann Warner

“The experience was magical for all of us.”

Lynee brought her expertise in team building and collaboration to our teacher education program in Haiti. Participants were quickly engaged and concluded the week with a new sense of voice and empowerment not previously experienced. The experience was magical for all of us.

— Denise Gideon

Inspiration comes in many forms and is one of the driving forces behind our aspirations and goals. That’s why we’ve dedicated our resources to bringing these projects to life and sharing them with you!

Scholarship Program

Accessibility to equitable education is the core of our mission. Every Spring Verve awards a college scholarship to a high school senior or current undergraduate student studying the visual arts. This scholarship was created in partnership with the Bold Foundation.

The Podcast

Sharing stories in leadership, education, parenting, and travel. Join our coffee house style conversations as we meet inspirational and innovative people sharing their stories of impact in their families, communities, businesses, and personal lives.

The Retreats

Taking education and community partnerships on the road. Join us as we explore various parts of the planet while contributing to local educational impact and empowerment projects.


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