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Lynee Lopez-Founder and Master Consultant

Lynee has more than 25 years in the field and a passion for early childhoodHer extensive skills led her into administrative leadership, where she stood out for her team building approach in meeting and maintaining nationally recognized  high-quality standards in early childhood. 

Lynee brought her expertise in team building and collaboration to our teacher education program in Haiti. Participants were quickly engaged and concluded the week with a new sesnse of voice and empowerment not previously experienced. The experience was magical for all of us.

-Denise Gideon, Executive Director, For a Reason Inc.

In 2013, Lynee founded Verve Early Childhood Consulting with a mission to support school districts,  in the public and private sector, with building high quality early childhood programs. Her passion to support communities with high rates of financial disparity coupled with limited access to quality early childhood programs has led her to support educators in Haiti, New Zealand, Africa and one of the largest school districts in the country, New York City.

Her commitment to equitable education has led to the creation of the Verve Arts Scholarship which is awarded annually to a rising high school senior or current undergraduate student studying in the arts that has demonstrated financial need. For more information on our ongoing partnership with the Bold Foundation visit https://bold.org/scholarships/verve-art-scholarship/.

Since 2013, Lynee has served on the leadership teams for over 75 programs, worked one on one  with over 500 teachers on building inclusive and responsive practices, and secured millions of dollars in early childhood funding for new start up programs. In continuing her commitment to support responsible leadership she has coached and supported female leaders and visionaries in mentorship programs throughout the Northeast. 

Lynee obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree at Stockton University and attended Montclair State for her teaching certification in preschool-third grade. She is also certified in non-violent crisis prevention strategies through CPI, is a graduate of Momentum Education’s Leadership Team #145, and is a practicing Reiki master.

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