Educational Services (old)

Educational Services

Professional Development Trainings 

Verve ECC offers a variety of training topics and can tailor sessions to meet the unique needs of school teams. Sessions can be either in-person or virtual. Our consultants are specialized in many types of curriculums, assessment, math and literacy strategies, and early childhood leadership. The following are some of the areas that Verve ECC  has specialty training in and can tailor trainings on: 

  • Ages and Stages (ASQ-3)
  • Ages and Stages Social Emotional Screening (ASQ-SE)
  • Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA)
  • Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP)
  • Early Screening Inventory (ESI-3)
  • Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS-R/ ECERS-3)
  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS-Prek Level) 
  • Creative Curriculum
  • High Scope Curriculum
  • Tools of the Mind Curriculum 
  • NYC-DOE Units of Study and Explorations 
  • Work Sampling 
  • Teaching Strategies Gold 
  • Support for Early Literacy Assessment (SELA)
  • Preschool Classroom Mathematics Inventory (PCMI)

Early Childhood Program Quality Assessments 

  • Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS-R/ECERS-3)  
  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS Certified Observers-Pre K Level) 

Program Quality assessments, like ECERS and CLASS, are globally normed tools to measure quality using a variety of indicators across many areas of programming. Verve’s consultants are CLASS certified Prek observers and have led over 75 teams through ECERS evaluations.  Lynee Lopez, Verve’s founder and master consultant, is often sought out for CLASS and ECERS aligned coaching. With her specialized approach, she has supported programs in obtaining excellent  ECERS scores in programs all across  New York State.  ECERS and CLASS coaching sessions are mainly offered in-person with the option of virtual professional development. 

Educational Coaching 

Verve’s consultants are committed to creating connected and impactful relationships. Educational coaching allows our team to support teachers and leaders in building their unique style  while remaining a partner of an early childhood team. Using CLASS and ECERS as the foundation criterion, we help educators connect the dots of meeting the many governing standards/expectations while providing a fun and engaging experience for students. Coaching sessions are offered in-person and virtually. 

Keynote Speaker

Lynee Lopez, Founder and Master Consultant is available for keynote speaker events, and as a panel guest on a variety of early childhood topics. Her engaging and motivational approach to leading breakout sessions has been sought out by early childhood programs and thought leaders around the world. She is a powerful, courageous, and connected leader and embodies the VERVE spirit! 

Early Childhood Grant Writing 

Verve ECC specializes in early childhood grant writing and request for proposals (RFPs).  Our 100% success rate has secured over 100 million dollars for programs to provide and maintain high quality state and federally funded preschool programs.  

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