Lynee' Lopez

Founder & CEO

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Lyneé Lopez, the powerhouse behind Verve Educational ConsultingTM, has carved a niche in early childhood education with her unique and sustainable leadership coaching approach. Having started her career 25 years ago as a mental health mentor, she quickly took her skills through the classroom, the faculty room, and into the boardroom. Her unique experiences fueled the launch of her educational consulting business in 2013, where she quickly became known for her successful grant writing skills and start-up implementation. Since then, she has amassed numerous achievements, including the acquisition of over 100 million dollars in new start-up funding for early childhood programs in New York City, mentoring more than 50 new early childhood leaders, and supporting the opening of 65 preschool programs.

Known as an educational architect, Lyneé helps schools develop the leadership, instruction, and funding sources needed to provide equity for the communities they serve. She has mentored high-level community leaders on transformational mindset approaches and is often sought out for her team-building skills. In 2017, she partnered with For a Reason (FAR) to provide teacher training in Haiti, which sparked her passion to bring educators around the globe together to share best practices and unity for early childhood advocacy. Since then, she has sat down with leaders in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and all over the US.

Lyneé is the co-author of the newly launched book Living All Out which chronicles the amazing stories of 20 entrepreneurs and their journey to living a fulfilling life. She is also the host of the Café Verve Podcast, Reiki master and Hypnobreathwork® coach. Outside the business world, Lyneé fuels her adventurous spirit with hiking, kayaking, road trips, photography, and global travel. She loves creating new fun memories with her family and has recently started learning to sail.

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Living a Bold and Purpose Driven Life

"As the New Year celebrations of 2013 rolled in, I had no idea I was about to experience a midlife crisis. I was given notice that my career as an Early Childhood Director was coming to a halt because the school program I had been with for 5 years was closing. Blindsided by the news that my contract was ending on January 30th, I began to spiral into a freight train of failure. Alongside that, my mother’s throat cancer had returned and she was not recovering well from surgery."

Curious about what happens next?

Then grab the rest of this exciting chapter from the best selling book Living All Out. Living a Bold and Purpose Driven Life gives you a sneak peak into the life of Founder & CEO of Verve Educational Consulting. It delves into where her pivot began and how she became a Million Dollar Startup. This inspiring tale speaks to women from all walks of life and serves as inspiration for those of you looking to make your mark on this world.

Podcast Highlight

On this episode, I talk with Karali Pitzele about the journey of leadership that took her from building a new school community to recovering from burnout in Bali. A true educational maverick, Karali's story is unique and inspiring.

Karali Pitzele (she/her) is an insightful coach and inspired workshop leader, whose clients thrive in leadership and achieve daring change. Drawing from her own experience as a change-agent working within large systems, Karali provides valuable insights into systemic challenges, personal and organizational psychology, and leadership strategies.
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