Verve Educational Consulting partners with organizations and schools around the world to build high-quality programs and sustainable leadership.

We specialize in early childhood start up, transformational leadership, and building sustainable systems.

Verve has served the leadership teams for over 75 programs, worked with over 500 teachers on building inclusive and responsive practices, and secured millions of dollars in early childhood funding for new start up programs.

Meet the Founder

Lyneé Lopez is the Founder and CEO of Verve Educational Consulting . Her efficient team building approach and productive collaborations have secured millions in grant funding for NYC’s Pre-K For All startup programs. Her efforts have allowed over 50,000 students access to high quality preschool programs at no cost. In 2017, she extended her commitment to equitable education globally by hosting leadership training in Haiti.

Lyneé is a member of the Momentum Education Community where she developed her passion for transformational leadership. She is also the host of the new podcast, Café Verve, where she interviews inspirational people on their stories of leadership, education, parenting, and travel.

“Lyneé brought her expertise in team building and collaboration to our teacher education program in Haiti. Participants were quickly engaged and concluded the week with a new sense of voice and empowerment not previously experienced. The experience was magical for all of us.”

-Denise Gideon, Executive Director, For a Reason Inc.


The Verve Arts Scholarship was created in honor of Thomas McDonough IV who was passionate about the fine arts. From an early age Tommy used drawing and painting to tell his stories and the stories of others around him. His work was rich in details and portrayed a certain honestly that held the eye of the viewer.

The Verve Arts Scholarship is an annual award given every Spring to a high school senior or current undergraduate student pursuing an arts degree at a 4-year college. Applicants should be NJ residents studying in the art of drawing, painting, photography, or graphic design. 

To apply, please submit your art portfolio and an essay describing the inspiration behind your favorite piece to our partners at The Bold Foundation. 

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