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Ann Warner

I had the opportunity to work with Lynee in 2017 when she coached me through an intensive leadership development course. Her coaching provided the structure I needed to hold myself accountable to my goals. She helped keep me focused on my goals, while also offering practical strategies for overcoming obstacles I encountered. She was supportive, empathetic, creative, and non-judgmental. I loved working with Lynee and would recommend her to anyone seeking an accountability partner and leadership coach. -Ann Warner, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network. 

Lisa Marie Russo

I first worked with Lynee in Hoboken, New Jersey when she was an Early Childhood Director. Since I was an experienced teacher on her team, Lynee encouraged me to be a mentor for new teachers.  With her guidance and expertise, I learned the expectations to be a Master Teacher. Years later, Lynee started her own educational consulting company, and I was fortunate to work with her again in a master teacher capacity. Together we supported 28 early childhood teams on high quality CLASS and ECERS aligned instructional strategies at 3K and Prek For All programs in New York City. – Lisa Marie Russo, Early Childhood Educator  

Sarah Pellegrino

I’ve been lucky to have worked with Lynee in several different capacities over the last decade. Under her leadership I began my career as a preschool teacher in Hoboken where she provided target supports in a variety of early childhood topics to assure my success as a 1st year teacher.

More recently I reconnected with her in her coaching work with teachers in New York City. Together we worked to build high quality early childhood teams in the Bronx using the strategies she supported me with as a 1st year teacher many years ago. – Sarah Pellegrino, ICF certified Coach

Scott Petinga

Lynee is an incredibly engaging, committed, professional who is a natural for an environment that mixes early childhood education, strategy, and creativity. She works extremely well with all kinds of people and personalities, and her enthusiasm inspires others to follow her example. After 25+ years as a business leader, I can attest that Lynee is the kind of talent we’re all looking to hire. -Scott Petinga, BCPA, Superhero. Serialpreneur. Philanthropist. Advisor. Activist. Author. Thriver.

Renee Rivera

I worked with Lynee for several years. She is dedicated to and passionate about early childhood education. She has a leadership style that motivates and inspires others. She is knowledgeable about best practices, and she guides teachers and administrators as they build and grow their programs.  During my time working with her, her grant-writing and subsequent in-person support has helped numerous schools gain funding for their early childhood programs, which offered communities access to free high-quality preschool regardless of income. -Renee Rivera, Early Childhood Educator

Vallori Thomas

Lynee Lopez is a woman of vision and heart with a high level of responsibility, compassion and commitment. She consistently leads projects with a passion for people, the process and productivity. She is a sought-out leader in both her professional and personal life. Her clients, associates and loved ones look up to, and are inspired by her talent, work ethic and positive demeanor. She simply has “a way” with people that serves and promotes the good in everyone. -Vallori Thomas, Founder, Wow Coaching and Consulting.

Denise Gideon

Lynee brought her expertise in team building and collaboration to our teacher education program in Haiti. Participants were quickly engaged and concluded the week with a new sense of voice and empowerment not previously experienced. The experience was magical for all of us. -Denise Gideon, Executive Director, For A Reason Inc.

Christina K.

After I was hired to be an Instructional Specialist in NYC, I met with the coordinator of our team, Lynee Lopez. She was an energetic, optimistic, and determined woman. She really embodied the name of her brand, “Verve.” In our first meeting as a team, there were so many items on the agenda that would make anyone transitioning from a teacher to a coach feel overwhelmed.

Lynee went through each item calmly, patiently, and not only gave us the tools we needed to succeed in coaching, but was open to our feedback and expertise in the classroom. She made us feel like we were part of a team and something great. Through various team building activities and outings, we became fast friends. After taking a personal and professional development course, I decided to introduce Lynee to the work. Most people might shy away from something different, but not Lynee. As usual, she was open and willing to try on something new.

After taking the course, Lynee reached a new level of clarity, purpose, authenticity and vulnerability both personally and professionally. It’s been 6 years since we met, and even though we do not see each other everyday, she is always someone I can count on to be there. She is a dependable, unique, and loving leader and friend.-Christina K. ,Early Childhood Special Educator

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